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We can help

Back & Neck Pain

Our practice focus on spine related conditions. With gentle chiropractic adjustments as part of our primary treatment we can help reduce back and neck pain, improve spinal mobility and ensure a proper functioning nervous system

Joint problems

Chiropractic care is a great way of treating and managing injuries or conditions related to joints, other than the spine. Our practice can help with painful shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints of the body.

Soft-Tissue Therapy

Soft-tissue techniques our practice utilise includes; dry needling, percussion massage and dynamic strapping/taping. These techniques help to treat conditions related to muscle, ligaments, tendons and fascia.

Stretch & Strenghten

As part of an optimal treatment plan our practice provide patients with a personalised home exercise program. This compromise of stretches for flexibility and strengthening exercises for muscle weakness.

What is Chiropractic


Spine, joint, mucle and nerve related health care
Chiropractic is the 3rd largest health profession in the world after medicine and dentistry. A chiropractor is a primary health care doctor – who specialises in spinal health and well being. They focus on the prevention, diagnosis and conservative treatment of spine related disorders and other painful joint issues. In South Africa it is required to complete a 6 year degree before one can be registered as a practitioner. The word chiro means “done by hand” thus spinal adjustments form the cornerstone of chiropractic treatment. An adjustments is a safe, gentle, controlled force applied to a joint to restore proper function and mobility and reduce pain. Chiropractors also provide soft tissue therapies, lifestyle recommendations and can provide postural, fitness and nutritional advise. Accidents, falls, stress or overuse can negatively impact your spine and other joints. Left unresolved, these issues make you more susceptible to chronic problems. Chiropractic treatment helps improve quality of life without drugs or surgery and is a safe, effective and affordable health care choice.




Our practice is...

Open on Saturdays

We consult on Saturdays for those than can’t make it in the week! Weekdays : 08:00 – 18:00 Saturdays: 08:00 – 12:00

Wheelchair friendly

NHC is a state of the art medical centre with wheelchair and stroller accessibility as well as safe parking.

A Family Practice

We provide safe and effective chiropractic care for every member of the family. Kids, Pregnant moms, Athletes, Patients with Disability and the Elderly.

Based in Centurion

Our practice is located within the NHC Health Centre Centurion next to Grey Owl Village. Convenient for all patients in and around Centurion, Midstream Estate and Midrand.

Dr. Suriette Botha

MTech. Chiro (UJ), MCASA

Dr. Suriette qualified with a Masters degree in Chiropractic and is a member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. ” I take special interest in each of my patients and is passionate about the great way chiropractic care affects each and everybody from the young to the elderly “

Dr. Botha


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